Floater - Stone By StoneWake
June 2010

Floater doesn't let fans down with the highly-anticipated new full-length, "Wake," a twelve-track collection of melodic, pop-laden psychedelic guitar-rock decked out in chunky guitar riffs, primal drumming, and soaring vocals. From the opening of "Wake" through the very last note, Floater makes it known that "Wake" is meant to be turned up and played loud. Longtime fans and new fans alike will find something to love in the album, whether it's the pop-nugger "Wondering," the hard-rocking "Broken Toy," the melancholy of "White Dress," or instantly memorable could-be hits sounds of "Cannonball," "You Taught Me," and "Matadors," all three already live favorites.

01. Concentrate
02. Cannonball
03. Wondering
04. Broken Toy
05. Simplest Way of Life
06. White Dress
07. Matadors
08. Leave A Light On
09. Enough
10. You Taught Me
11. Killing Time
12. Let It Go

Floater - Live Acoustic at the WOWLive Acoustic at the WOW
June 2008

Recorded on location in Eugene, Oregon's fabled and historic WOW Hall, this wonderfully captured recording of one of Floater's now legendary acoustic performances is sure to become an instant classic. This collection of songs from their two nights at the WOW in February of 2008 are hand picked by the band. The physical CD comes in an environmentally friendly digipak made of recyled materials. By purchasing the album as an mp3 download you will receive exclusive photos, band reviews and a bonus track for free.

01. Accepted
02. Come See Everything
03. Minister
04. Albatross
05. Marriage of the Black Sheep
06. The Possum's Funeral
07. Crusatyr
08. An Apology
09. Bound for Glory
10. Hard Parting
11. Alone

Floater - Stone By StoneStone By Stone
October 2006

This eighth full-length release by Floater contains fourteen new songs and a behind-the-scenes DVD capturing moments from the band�s nearly fourteen years together. Continually pushing the boundaries of modern rock, Floater flexes their creative muscle by bringing guitarist Dave Amador�s stylish, effect-laden tracks front and center on this latest release. Drummer Pete Cornett�s well-known tribal beats and singer/bassist Rob Wynia�s percussive bass tracks provide the strong rhythms that keep the band in touch with their early sound as guitarist Amador stretches his wings. Wynia�s intelligent, emotional lyrics tell new tales of human relationships with the passion and power that has become one of the trademarks of this renowned Northwest trio.

1. An Apology
2. Ghost in the Making
3. In America
4. Weightless
5. Breakdown
6. Helping Hands
7. Spaces In Between Us
8. The Wave
9. Everything Falls Our Way
10. My Burden
11. Proviso
12. In Transition
13. Tonight No One Knows
14. Home in the Sky

Floater - AcousticsAcoustics
August 2004

Entitled "Acoustics" (Elemental Records), Floater's latest release follows a decade-plus of heavy releases � seven records to date. The delivery may be gentler, but the storytelling is their signature brand of complex and sometimes twisted loves and lives with which Floater is identified. Refusing to settle for simply covering their electric songs, the band brings new tales that are accompanied not only by the guitars and percussion Floater is known for, but also strings, piano, and other facets that are in keeping with this band's unique style. The signature voice of lead singer and songwriter Rob Wynia makes the transition to acoustic performance beautifully, serving to deepen the versatility of what has become one of the most successful independent bands in the Northwest.

1. On The Table
2. Lost Patience
3. Time Marches On
4. Out Of Sight
5. Hard Parting
6. Golden Age
7. Accepted
8. Invisible
9. Bound for Glory
10. Strychnine
11. The Misfit's Song
12. Evangeline

Floater - AlterAlter
June 2002

Floater released their most critically acclaimed record to date, "Alter." Combining the bands strongest musical elements, "Alter" moves fluidly from heavy riffs to lullabies and tells flowing stories of fear, love and above all change.

1. Zero Hour
2. Come See Everything
3. Crusatyr
4. Alone
5. Tracks Across The Snow
6. Rocking Horse
7. Safety
8. Luddite
9. Hollywood
10. Long Gone
11. Diamond
12. 4 Down (A Toast)

Floater - Live at the AladdinLive at the Aladdin
September 2001

Northwest heavy art-rock trio Floater brings their engrossing live performance to disc again with their latest release, "Live at the Aladdin." Recorded live in Portland, Oregon on New Year's Eve 2001, the album features twelve tracks including three acoustic songs, plus crowd favorites, "American Theatric", "Exiled", and "Clean Plastic Baby."

1. Persecutor
2. Pet
3. Colorblind

4. The Knowing Dirge
5. American Theatric
6. Medicine Woman
7. Exiled
8. Equinox
9. The Feast
10. The Beast
11. Clean Plastic Baby
12. Tell the Captain

Floater - Burning SosobraBurning Sosobra
September 2000

Floater return to their roots, delving into their signature style of heavy melodic landscapes with powerful soul-revealing lyrics. Twelve new songs, a cover of the Doors' Waiting for the Sun, and the 1996 Radio hit Alcoholic (which has never appeared on a full length album) make this fourth studio album from the trio a perfect reminder of the underground sensation that is Floater.

1. Here Comes the Dog
2. Watched Over by Crows
3. I know
4. Queen of the Goats
5. Exiled
6. Independence Day
7. King Rabbit
8. Milk of Heaven
9. Albatross
10. The Marriage of the Black Sheep
11. Colorblind
12. Waiting for the Sun
13. Alcoholic
14. Equinox

Floater - The Great ReleaseThe Great Release (Live)
May 1999

Floater's popularity can almost solely be attributed to one thing: their enthralling live performances. The trio's impeccable musicianship, dynamic energy and unique showmanship all contribute toward a powerful live performance. Responding to repeated requests from fans, Floater released their first-ever live record. Now the faithful converts to the live Floater show can take home the legendary morphed-out versions of Floater's live classics.  

1. The Ballad of Danny Boy
2. Peter the Destroyer
3. Ah
4. Settling
5. Out of Sheer Loneliness
6. Endless I
7. Persecutor
8. Centerfold
9. The Beast
10. All of the Stories But One

Floater - Angels in the Flesh and Devils in the BoneAngels in the Flesh and Devils in the Bone
May 1998

Floater deliver their most immense and ambitious album yet, following their enormously successful record, Glyph. Angels... is a conceptual album that explores a personal saga through the superb storytelling of singer/bass player Robert Wynia's lyrics, hypnotic vocals, and the band's bruising and primal rhythms. "Floater's third album finds them exploring their tripped-out, layered instrumentation they do so startlingly well, while moving even further into mesmerizing, melodic storytelling." —(Buzz Weekly)

1. Endless I
2. The Watching Song
3. American Theatric
4. The Feast
5. The Beast
6 .Minister
7. Medicine Woman
8. Nothing
9. Mexican Bus
10. The Invitation
11. Golden Head
12. Settling
13. The Last Time
14. Our Hero's Resolve
15. Mosquito
16. The Possum's Funeral
17. Endless II

Floater - GlyphGlyph
May 1995

Floater's sophomore release belts out their unique blend of thick chunky grooves and superb emotive vocals.. pushing the sonic envelope even further. Produced by the Grammy-nominated Drew Canulette (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Neil Young), "Floater stretches the contemporary rock sound to the limits." —(Gavin) Glyph received a preliminary Grammy nomination in the category of Best Alternative Performance.

1. The Knowing Dirge
2. ...But Rain Never Came
3. Cinema
4. Midnight Ride
5. All the Stories but One
6. Dead
7. Intermezzo
8. Isolation
9. Clean Plastic Baby
10. The Face of Order
11. Pet
12. Persecutor
13. Bottle
14. The Sad Ballad of Danny Boy
15. Crawl Into You

Floater - SinkSink
September 1994

Combining heavy primal rhythms, chunks of metalesque guitar and soaring Middle Eastern tinged melodies, Floater spiral from somber, contemplative and atmospheric, to furious hook-laden blasts of rage. The riveting lyrics of isolation and insanity are set against dark and moody aural landscapes, ambient sampling montages, and savage instrumental punch; all woven into a 68 minute, 17 song conceptual opus. Sink received a preliminary Grammy nomination in the category of Best Rock Album . "Not the standard mix of radio singles and album filler, but something that flows smoothly and brilliantly from start to finish." —(Pandemonium)

1. The Beginning
2. Seventeen
3. Snowblind
4. The Big Top
5. Manic
6. Weary
7. Was a Time...
8. Thin Skin
9. Summoning (1)
10. Godgun
11. Ah
12. Peter the Destroyer
13. Kill the Girl
14. Becoming
15. They
16. Tell the Captain
17. Out Of Sheer Loneliness